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Custom X BULL PP Bat 42.25" Bodyboard


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Exclusive for!!! These Bulls have been made specially for us. Description: Wondering "where's the beef?". Well, here it is!!! Built for the rider 5'6"-6' in height, weighing in at 200 lbs +. We've worked with the big boys to put together a board that's under 43" in length, but is wide enough to support your hulking frame, and can practically fly.
The combination of TCD deck skin, polypro core, and a Surlyn bottom along with the high-performance bat or crescent tail means this is a finely-tuned wave riding instrument. See what you've been missing!
Here is what one of our customers has to say about this board: The way my new Bull handled in crappy, semi-blownout 2-3 mushy sections makes me really look forward to good conditions. It floats my dense frame better than any other board I've ridden in the past 16 years. Take offs are crisp, with rapid acceleration. It's extremely responsive to very slight body movements for turns and cutbacks. It's easy to hold trim anywhere on the face, high or low. Paddling out is easier due to the light weight combined with the "extra" flotation, however, that added flotation requires duck diving techniques be modified. I found I had to get farther forward on the nose and push down to a steeper angle in order to make it through. You and Custom X have definitely come up with a high performance board for the more rotund rider. Thanks. provides quality products at great prices, but what really puts you way ahead of your competition is your professional and personal concern for your customers, both in providing superior service and in honestly caring that the right match of products to rider is made. Rock on ! Barry

Features and Specs:

• Length: 42.25 inch
• Nose: 13.5 inches
• Wide Point: 23.5 inches
• Nose To Wide Point: 17.5 inches
• Tail: 19.25 inches Bat
• Core: Beaded polypro
• Stringer: Single
• Deck: TCD - Tight Cell Deck (crosslink)
• Rails: 60/40
• Bottom: Surlyn
• Channels: Yes
• Stringer: YES- single Graphite

Brand Custom X
Weight 8.0000
Stringer 1 Stringer
Tail Bat
Core Polypropylene (Polypro)
Length (in.) 42.25
Length: 42.25 inch
Nose: 13.5 inches
Wide Point: 23.5 inches
Nose To Wide Point: 17.5 inches
Riding Style Prone
Approx. rider weight 140, 160, 180
Approx. rider height 6', 5'10"
Color: No
Still Charging
Ive had my bull for about 3 years now. It is fast, does precise bottom turns, holds a solid line on any part of the wave and floats my 255 pound carcus just fine. This is a great board for the serious but girthy rider and it will last with the stringer and polypro core. I highly recommend. Review by Don
built to last
I got this board when it first came out,maybe about 5 years ago??...I'm 225 Review by bruddah Damien
The Bull
I've had the board for about 2 years now, still going strong. Its the board i take when i travel and its the one i always end up relying on. Good board for fat guys like me. Da best board for guys pushin' pounds. Review by Misawa Rider
Da Bulls
Love this board so much, I’m riding my third Bull! <br><br>After riding the first two boards so much, I wore holes in the deck skin where my elbows came into contact with the boards. :)<br><br>I’m about 5’10” and weighed about 215 when I started riding Bulls...from the get go, the board felt fast, maneuverable and fun for my size. I’ve lost some weight in the last year, I’m now about 190, so I’m below the recommended weight for the board but still love the Bull! Now that I weigh less, the extra “float” seems to make the board start planing instantly and it seems to be the fastest board in the water!<br><br>Great board and I’d buy again. Review by Scooter
ill shnit
i ride in sum crazy long island shore brake n this big thing sticks in the tight tubes like nuthin no board like it for the big dudes thank u custpm x n ebodyboarding for maken a board that fits the big dudes Review by bowl rider ny li hb
Bull is the ish
I got the first bull without the stringer back when i was pushin about 350 pounds, i now weigh 210 and its still one of my favorite boards to ride, super fast and durable Review by Big Meeks
Drop knee
I owned this board about 4 years and LOVE IT!!!! I know this board breaks all the "rules" for a drop knee board but let me tell you no BS... This board is awsome at drop knee if your on the "bigger for size" side of the chart. It turns on the dime, flys on soild walls, throws chunks. Just need to get used to it,only thing is a little bigger bottom turn ( need to watch the nose so it doesn't dig on wall) and on choppy days you might have to sit on the back do you don't dig in ( slight reverse rocker) 5'10 220lbs Review by Nalu
looks great
I just got this board from UPS. It looks great, fast delivery thanks. Can't wait to try it out. Review by judus99
B u l l
Ive had this board since january 08 the board ownz.i went from a cheap morey 50$ board to this its a huge difference. Review by Pmp

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