ARS (Air Roll Spin)

To pull a solid one, you obviously need to be able to do the two basic ingredient maneuvers first- the el rollo and the spin. Okay, with that out of the way here we go.

Look for a bowling wave preferably with a peeling shoulder. Closeouts are harder to pull one on. As you scream down the face, look for a good section to roll off of. It has a pitching lip, and you need to hit that lip just as it begins to pitch out from the face with maximum speed.

Step #2- Project yourself as high up and far out as possible, and arching your head and back away from my board. At this point, you're thinking "spin" as you roll upside down. That's the point (upside down) when you want to pick up your feet and turn your board in the direction of your spin

Step #3- Now you're in full spin mode trying to keep your back arched and legs up while spinning as far around as you can get in the air. As the landing approaches, you're trying to keep your leading edge tilted up so you don't dig an edge on the landing.

Step #4- The landing will be somewhat hard or really hard depending on how high and far you've launched. If you're lucky, you'll land facing forward. More than likely though, you'll be facing backwards. Your gut takes the impact, and you'll want to maintain your spin position despite the urge to recoil.

Step #5- Continue the spin.

Step #6- At this point, drop your legs and reengaging your rail to continue down the line. And it's as simple as that..


How to do an Air Roll Spin � ARS with Jeff hubbard...
1. Take off on any wave that provides a pitching lip.
2. Travel down the face gaining speed towards the lip of the wave.
3. As you get closer to the lip angle your board upwards in a angle to hit the lip.
4. As you make contact with your board against the lip you should feel the wave pushing you out in to the air, if the lip does not seem to put you in the air you will need to use your arm strength to pull your board off the lip so you are free to start your move.
5. As you get pushed out in the air arch your head and back and start your roll.
6. As you are come out of your roll throw your body in to a spin towards the face of the wave.
7. As you spin you will either:
    a). Land backwards facing the water as the wave did not have enough power to push you all the way around and you will have to finish the remainder of the spin as you normally would do on a wave. Or the other option is
   b). That you will have completed the whole spin in the air and will have to land holding on to your board tight, then engage your rail and try and get speed for your next move.
8. The more you practice this move the better you will get at it and soon you will be doing it in one complete motion and on waves of any size.