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Stealth 2 Swimfins


Mens Shoe Size
  • Small (4.5-6)
  • Medium (7-8.5)
  • ML (9-10.5)
  • Large (11-12.5)
  • XL (13-14.5)
Womens Shoe Size
  • Small (6-7.5)
  • Medium (8.5-10)
  • ML (11-12)
  • Large (12.5-14)
  • XL (15-17)

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The Stealth V.2 has evolved from a culmination of market research and team rider feedback. Key components that were focused on when creating the Stealth V.2 were performance, comfort and style.

The performance of the Stealth V.2 has the ideal propulsion to suit your foot and body type to cut through the water. The drainage holes enable the quickest drainage possible for sand and other debris. With the highest grade rubber available the Stealth V.2 gives a secure feel on your foot.

The Stealth V.2 has put it's own touches of uniqueness to what's widely considered as the most stylish and desired fin shape by elite bodyboarders all over the world.

NOTE FROM JAY: These fins run "slightly" large. Example: I wear 10.5 shoes, and the ML (9-10.5) fit me well with a little extra room in them. So, I'd say they run about 1/2 size big.

Weight 4.1000
Brand Stealth
Color: Black
Size: XXS-6XL No
Swimfins Size Chart Enable Yes
the best one
for me the best one, comfortable, strong, fast, the size is correct. Review by Facundo
good power and comfort
I really like these ones. I got the Ben Player version and they fit great, no blisters and the thrust is good for what I can say. I also have Makapus in ML and I have the same size in the Stealths. The side rails are stiffe than the makapus.<br>Only downside I would say is that the sand relase hoels are a little too small: I got smal stones stucked in them but generally I liked this way more than the hole on the downside of the fin. One star less because of the jet vents. Review by Lorenzo
got some of these fins they are good and stabble but ache at first untill you get used to them Review by matt
These fins is animo just tried them today at sandys and they were bomb Review by Kama T
Best fins ever
Best fins I have ever used. comfy fast light better than all the other fins I've tried(PF2, PF3, Churchill, Hubb Churchil, Ally, Tech 2, Hydro tech, MS vipers)They don't give me cuts or cramps. Hands down best fin ever!! Review by Chris
Not bad propulsion, I wear mine with som fin socks and my feet feel like im in any regular shoe. I've tried them without fin socks the first time, hurt alittle but i think it was just because they needed to be broken in a little. the vents are a little small so if u get rocks in youur fins alot, they may not always come out. Review by Scott Lilly
Solid fins
They feel just like the old churchills I used to have back in Hawaii but better! The foot pocket is pretty comfortable too and doesn't hurt my feet. The actual fin is pretty rigid and provides good power when taking off. Drainage is not a problem for me so I don't mind. Overall, very good fin and I would recommend it to anyone! Review by Manu
cross legs
The goods mate if u know style and want a be,a great all around body boarder when it comes to crossing your legs its really good. Style was key but I'd say the Hawaiians like hubb miss using the churchys don't cross there legs super blowing it fuck any one who wears kicks and rides science all about stealth and pride Review by aussie
This is jamin
My friend has these fins and they are sick, I want to get them😂😍😏😋🌊👆 Review by A buleh
I love them
These fins are the bomb💣. I love using them in Shorebreaks and at reef breaks and slabs and shelfs. Great fin all around. These are the first fins that have not given me any blisters, I have used Churchills, Allys, etc... I just really like them. They are very fast in the waster and stuff for when I dropknee. I love them😍! Review by Caleb B
Very comfortable fin
These are very comfortable fins.They are made from a thinner, more flexible rubber than the other fins I tried (MS Viper, Hubb Churchill, Ally) so they "give" a little and mold to your feet. Not the most powerful, but definately the most comfortable fin. Review by Lynn Laumann

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