Wave Skater breaks the mold!


The modern bodyboard was invented in 1971 by Tom Morey in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  He took some scrap foam and basically melted it together to create a crude wave riding vehicle that bore little resemblance to today's high-performance bodyboards. One thing however, hasn't changed much, and that's the nature of the materials the boards are made with.  Nearly 5 decades later, bodyboards are still heat-laminated (most of them anyway) and use more or less the same type of foam Morey carved out way back in the day.  

There is a small inherent problem with modern bodyboard materials and that is they are extremely heat-sensitive.  Leave your $250 bodyboard laying in the sun for half an hour and don't be surprised if you have a sweet bubble erupting from the deck, or the board warps into the shape of a Lays Potato Chip.   They simply can't handle the heat...that is until Wave Skater came down the pike.  

(Bruce testing the designs)

Back in 2006, east coast bodyboarder and mad scientist Bruce Blumenfeld decided to "break the mold" (pardon the pun) and make an attempt to reinvent the bodyboarding wheel so to speak.   Bruce experimented with different materials, shapes, and contours and eventually came up with something completely different.  

The Wave Skater is unlike anything else on the market.  Incorporating three fiberglass stringers in the Wave Skater Pro models, these boards are compression-molded, one-piece construction, meaning no separate deck, rail and bottom skins heat-laminated to the core, which means no delamination issues.  These boards are as close to bullet-proof as a bodyboard can be.  

The EVA/PE combo foam provides just the right amount of flex and maintains its integrity for years.  Leave your Wave Skater in the sun while you're at the beach?  No problem!  It can take way more abuse than a standard bodyboard.  

Let's talk performance!  Check the video of the Wave Skater in action.  

The boards feature a unique dual tapered pontoon setup on the bottom for max stability and a lower wide point for more planing speed on the back end of the board. The Wave Skater is the board you might have in your garage for years to come.

All Wave Skater products are available now RIGHT HERE on our site!  

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