Taco Bell Boogie Boost Breakdown:

  • There will be 16ish spongers in the preliminary round.

  • All spongers will receive four rights and four lefts, with the top right score and top left score counting toward the spongers’ two-wave totals.

  • The top eight two-wave totals from the preliminary round will advance to the Semi-finals*.

  • Semi-finalists will receive another four rights and four lefts, again counting their top right score and top left score toward their two-wave totals.

  • The top four two-wave totals will advance to the finals*.

  • Finalists will receive four rights, four lefts, and one bonus wave of their directional preference.

  • Whichever sponger has the highest two-wave total (using a right and a left) at the end of the final, wins.

*Should two or more spongers tie in the qualifying round, there will be a surf-off between those competitors. In the sponge-off, each sponger gets two waves of their directional preference. Top single score wins.

How the judging works (judged by peers or former pros?)

  • Waves will be scored from 0 to 100 on a static, event-wide scale (judges will be able to look back at past-completed airs to keep their scoring consistent throughout the event).

  • Only aerial maneuvers will be scored. 

  • Airs must be completed with control and ridden out under the power of the wave, with at least the nose of the board breaking free from the whitewater. 

  • Scoring criteria: We’re gonna be stingy with our scores, but only because we know how good these guys are! Here’s what the airs will be judged on:

    • Height (determined by the lowest part of board or body)

    • Speed/Distance covered (has anybody cleared the whole section yet?)

    • Style (if it looks good, it scores great)

    • Progression and creativity (any weird tweaks, spins, rolls, and flips will be noted!)

    • Landing (the cleaner, the better)

Guaca-wholymoly Aerial
Cinnamon Twist ARS
The Chalupa Craving Carve
Nacho BellGrande Move
The Beefy Barrel
Cheesy Fiesta Flip
Party Pack Wave
Potato-Rito Rollo
Gordita Crunch (wipeout)
Crowning: The Quesalupa Champion
Invitational Riders:
1 - Hubb
2 - Guilherme
3 - Pierre
4 - Eppo
5 - Tanner
6 - Mike
7 - Houston
DK - 
7 - Keith
8 - Roach
9 - Dubb
10 - 
11 - 
12 - 
13 - 
14 - 
15 - 
16 - 
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