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Finding the right board...

We are here to help! Jay and Vicki have got 40+ combined years of bodyboarding experience, so they know what works. Having competed professionally for many years and traveled around the globe for many years, they have the knowledge to help you find the right board suited to your height, weight, ability level, or your budget. With 500+ boards in stock there is a board to fit anyone and everyone.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you out in making your decision. (If you're unfamiliar with board construction, go to the Bodyboard anatomy page)

1. Length- Your board, when standing on it's tail (the back end) should come up to roughly within an inch either side of your belly button. If you normally ride small waves, an inch above, big waves, an inch below. I'm 5'8" (173cms) tall and weigh 165lbs (70kgs) and I ride a 41.75 inch board in all waves. If you are a big person that isn't that tall, you need a board that is shorter and wider.
PLEASE NOTE: These are only GENERAL guidelines and don't apply to every single person.

Use this chart to determine the ideal bodyboard length for you. Remember, these are just general guidelines:

Board Length
Your Weight
Your Height
65-85 lbs.
4' - 5'
85-115 lbs.
4'6" - 5'2"
110-130 lbs.
5'3"- 5'6"
125-170 lbs.
5'7" - 5'9"
145-180 lbs.
160-190 lbs.
170-210 lbs.
180-270 lbs.
6'3" - 6'6"
200lbs +
6'4" +
Don't fit into our size chart? Get a custom board!

2. Width- You should be able to hold the board comfortably under your arm and against your side without much if any slack between your armpit and the rail. Again, the type of waves you ride may help your decision. Wide boards for smaller stuff, narrower for bigger waves. Big rider? You need a wider board. Fill out the form for recommendations.

3. Nose and tail width, and template- To keep it basic, if you're a beginner, the tail design doesn't really matter much. If you think you're going to advance quickly in your riding though, it becomes more of an issue and I'd recommend reading the Board Anatomy page for info on tails. If you're more into the sport, bat tails are the choice of most prone-only riders, and crescents are the choice of most DK-only riders. If you are both, then consider what your ratio of prone to DK is, and go with the tail design that covers how you ride more (prone or DK). On templates, most prone riders like a board with the wide point closer to the nose, and most DK'ers like it further back. We have several of each of these types, and many boards that are made for both prone and DK. Fill out the Picker Form for suggestions.

4. Rails- Don't worry too much about this. Most companies use a 60/40 configuration as the standard and go from there. That means that 60% of the rail is on the bottom side and 40% is on top. Some riders like 50/50, but most companies make their boards with 60/40 rails and to be honest, most riders can't tell the difference.

5. Materials- If you want the most durable combo, it would be polypro core with double stringer. This is also the most expensive combo. We carry several polypro boards with two, just one, or no stringers which makes for a lighter, cheaper board. If you ride in very cold water most of the time, consider a Dow/polyethylene core board which will stay somewhat flexible no matter what the water temps.


Still can't figure out which board to choose, what size or shape is best for you? Then ask the Booger Picker!

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