Pull in and join our 'Boogie Bucks Program'!
Rack up some tube time and rewards now!

How do Boogie Bucks (BB) work? 

1- Create an account.
2- Place an order. 
*Accumulate 1 BOOGIE BUCK (BB) for every dollar you spend with us (not including shipping, any order or product discounts, and tax).  
*BB are worth 5 cents each so you're getting 5% back for every purchase after you join.  
*When you reach specific Boogie Bucks thresholds, you'll be eligible to redeem those Bucks for $ discounts off your order!    
*Just keep racking up the BBs until you have enough to buy that epic board or pair of fins you've been saving up for.  

Want to redeem some BB? 

Just log in to your account next time you make a purchase and click on the "Rewards" banner on the bottom of our site.

You can click "Get Rewards" and see how close you are to earning discounts.  If you have enough points, just click the banner and a coupon code will be generated for you to use at checkout.  

Click "Earn Boogie Bucks" to see other ways to earn BB!  

How else can I get Boogie Bucks (BB)? 

Making purchases on our site isn't the only way to earn BOOGIE BUCKS (BB).  

-Social Media
Follow us @ebodyboarding and get 50 Boogie Bucks!  
Birthday - Receive 100 Boogie Bucks!
Create an account- Receive 50 Boogie Bucks!

The Fine Print:

Sorry, but to prevent us going bankrupt and to insure that we can maintain the Boogie Bucks Program for our loyal customers, we have the following limits:

The Boogie Bucks program is where Members can accumulate and redeem loyalty rewards (Boogie Bucks), on an individual basis and solely for their own account. The Boogie Bucks program may be structured to offer certain benefits based on the Member's current balance of "redeemable" Bucks (that is, Bucks that have not previously been redeemed, that is, all prior Boogie Bucks accumulated by Member, whether previously redeemed or not).

From time to time, eBodyboarding.com may establish (at its sole discretion) loyalty criteria pursuant to which Member's may "earn" Boogie Bucks (such as, for example: by registering for this Service; by sharing User Content at with us; by engaging in certain specified activities at eBodyboarding.com (as defined below), like visiting or watching videos at our site; by engaging in certain specified activities related to social networks). Boogie Bucks may expire (and become non-redeemable) after a specified period of time as determined by eBodyboarding.com.

From time to time, eBodyboarding.com may offer benefits or privileges to Members in exchange for redemption of a specified number of Member's Boogie Bucks. The nature of those benefits or privileges, and the number of Boogie Bucks required to obtain such benefits or privileges, shall be established by eBodyboarding.com and are subject to change.

Member acknowledges and agrees that:

Boogie Bucks have no "real world" or cash value. Boogie Bucks have no purpose or use except in exchange for benefits or privileges (if any) offered by eBodyboarding.com. Redemption offers may be time-limited or available only in limited quantities. Boogie Bucks may only be used at eBodyboarding.com and, therefore, cannot be redeemed at or transferred to Member's account at any other website.

Member's Boogie Bucks cannot be redeemed by, or sold or otherwise transferred to, any other Member of this Program. Upon termination of Member's registration for any reason, all Boogie Bucks are lost to the extent permitted by law, regardless of how they were acquired by Member.
eBodyboarding.com's ability to accurately credit Boogie Bucks to Member's account based on Member's activities at social networking sites may be restricted by the terms, conditions or functions of such sites.

Boogie Bucks are not valid unless earned in strict compliance with the requirements as established and intended by eBodyboarding.com, and Member shall not attempt to earn Boogie Bucks by any means (including without limitation, by using any script, bot or other automated means) that only simulates compliance with the applicable requirements.

eBodyboarding.com's good faith determination of the amount of Boogie Bucks available to any Member hereunder shall be final and binding. eBodyboarding.com reserves the right to review account activity for purchase patterns that fall outside the intended use of the program.