eBodyboarding.com co-founder and former pro bodyboarder Jay Reale shares stories and experiences from his life as a pro bodyboarder and interviews notable personalities from our sport, both past and present.  

The Reale Deal Show

The Reale Deal Show YouTube

The Closeout Bodyboarding Podcast

The Closeout is a regular broadcast where we share the stories of the minds closest to the sport, culture and community of Bodyboarding, both locally in Australia and worldwide. 

Join hosts Benny Oborne, Chris Watson & Shane Britten as the Australian Bodyboarding luminaries discuss the ever shifting state of bodyboarding, plus dig in to the juicy stories and experiences of some of Bodyboarding's great personalities, all with the candid banter and down to earth appreciation for the sport that connects us. 

Get ready to pull in to The Closeout, you won't regret it!

Booglife Podcast

The former voice of the APB World Bodyboarding Tour Manny Vargas presents Booglife!  Booglife is a collection of podcasts interviewing some of the top riders in the sport of bodyboarding, both past and present.  

Booglife.com also features products and additional content from a guy who is recognized as one of our sport's leading media figures.  

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Le Boogie Podcast stars Australian bodyboarder Josh Kirkman.  Josh's insight as a contemporary competitor on the World Tour is unmatched and his interviews with some of the top riders in Australia and beyond delve deep into their lives sometimes getting serious and sometimes hilarious.  
Infoamed Podcast

Australian bodyboarder Dan Dobbins and his team dismantle various topics covering the gamut from board design to personalities, to the major events in the sport.  
Slab Bodyboarding Podcast

The host is a South-African-turned-UK-based bodyboarder who offers up his take on the bodyboarding scene and the players that make up the sport, both locally and internationally. 


Luke O'Connor interviews the sport's luminaries. 
Riptide Podcast- Luke's Lounge