The mini what?  The mini boogie!  Just like the name implies, it's a miniature bodyboard!  

Let's set the scene:  

You're hanging at the beach.  You spent the morning bodyboarding and are just chilling on your beach chair when the tide change reveals a little barreling nugget of a wave on a little sandbar.  It's not quite big enough for the bodyboard, but would be ideal for your other wave riding tool...the mini boogie!  You hold it in front of you and kick out with your fins on.  It's super-easy to duck dive under waves, and you can use it for flotation while you're waiting for waves to come.  Once you see that little bowling gem of a wave coming, kick hard and put your arms on the board as if it were a full-size bodyboard and pull in to the tiniest of tunnels.  Some riders just put one hand on the board and ride it like a handboard.  Whatever you choose, it's barrel city for the experienced wave rider.  Oh, and did we mention it can fit in your backpack?  

(Use it as a handboard!)

(Board transfer action!)

(Mini fun!)
(Grom fun!)

Hours of fun for the little ones too!  Sometimes the kiddos struggle with a regular bodyboard in the surf, but the mini is easy to handle and if they are small enough, they can actually lay their entire body on the board.  

However you ride or use your mini boogie, having one in your arsenal is a must!