After traveling the world for 30 years on the bodyboarding world tour back in the 90', then family trips in the 2000's, and many surf and bodyboarding trips beyond that, I think I have got packing for a surf trip down.  

I bodyboard in big or hollow waves and I longboard in smaller waves.  So my items can be excessive to say the least.  As a girl, I want to pack everything including the kitchen sink but I think my list has all the essentials now.  So if you want to know how to pack for a girls surf trip then check out my tips & list below, and my youtube video for a complete "how to".  There is also a packing list for you to print out at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Here's my YouTube clip on how I gather all the goods and go about putting it all together!

Preparation:  If you are lucky enough to have a spare room or even an area in your house that you can use to gather items as you think of them this is ideal.  This allows you to start packing a few days ahead of time or the weekend before you leave, if you work all week. Packing sucks!  So doing a little at a time helps you to be not so overwhelmed.

Part#1: Carry on items.  A good backpack or shoulder bag works well to carry all the bits and pieces you will want on the plane.  Another smaller over the shoulder handbag, or a fanny pack if you are cool like that, works great for quick access items.  Let me show you....

Carry your expensive electronics and prescriptions on the plane in case your luggage gets lost or you are going to a country with a high theft rate. Both first world and 3rd world by the way! 

Part#2: Packing your rolling suitcase.
To save paying for your bag (if your airline charges baggage fees), find a smaller 4 wheel rolling bag you can carry on with you.  


Step#3: Pack your surf gear.  
For longboards it is key to have a rolling bag.  They aren't cheap to buy though.  There is actually a guy on Facebook that rents surf bags for trips.  Check him out!  Another key thing is that you should invest in some bubble wrap to pad the board in the bag.  The baggage handlers don't give a crap and if you won't want dents then go the extra step to pad it well.


  1. Swimsuits, bikinis, and more swimsuits & bikinis
  2. Sunglasses (or two pairs)
  3. Trucker Hat for surfing and on land
  4. Insulated water bottle
  5. Booties & or fin socks
  6. All in one towel/blanket
  7. Foldable Marshalls/Home Goods beach bag (99c)
  8. SPF Face Stick
  9. Key Stow lock
  10. Waterproof flip flops