Most swimfin wearers have had blisters or cuts from wearing swimfins. While not always avoidable, we have some tips to greatly reduce the chances of them happening.

1.  Use fin socks:  
Neoprene fin socks will act as a buffer between your foot and the swimfin.  Most fin socks have an open heel and only cover the parts of your foot where the fin touches, and are only 2mm thick, so they aren't made for really cold water.  

These add about 1 shoe size to the foot, so when getting fin socks, keep in mind you'll need fins that can accommodate this.  

2.  In colder water, use booties:
We sell booties with soft soles and both 3mm and 5mm thickness.  We also sell rubber sole booties for folks that want a bit more durability (although these add weight and bulk) or for those that have to walk across rock/reef to get into the surf.  These cover the entire foot and part way up the calf and keep your feet warm in cold water.  

These will add anywhere from 3-5 shoe sizes to your feet, depending on the thickness of the bootie and whether or not it has a rubber sole! I wear rubber sole 3mm booties and they add 4 shoe sizes to my feet, meaning while I wear a size large swimfin with bare feet, I wear size XXL fins with this bootie on.  I have to modify that XXL fin because it's so long due to the larger size.   See our blog on that subject HERE.  

3.  Use a lubricant:
Personally, I use Belly Jelly and it works really well!  I cover my ankles with it before I put my swim fins on and it helps the swim fin glide over my skin without rubbing it raw.  

4.  Arm-paddle as much as possible:
Avoid constantly kicking by switching to arm paddling as much as you can.  That reduces the rubbing of the fins on your feet and gives you a more all-around workout as a bonus!  

Already have fin cuts?  Mike Stewart taught me a little trick years ago that can help keep them from getting worse.  Corn or bunion cushions!  

Just put one of these over the sore and it will help reduce the odds of the fin rubbing directly on to the cut.  You can buy these at any drugstore/chemist or online.  I would sometimes also lay a couple of strips of duct tape over mine to hold them in place.