Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins
Tribe T2 Swimfins

Tribe T2 Swimfins

  • Black/Lime
  • Black/Grey/Red
  • Green/Purple
  • Navy/White
  • Blue/Tangerine
  • Grey / Orange
  • Torquoise / Grey
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Tribe T2 Swimfins

For normal to narrow feet, the T2 features toe drainage to facilitate the exit of rocks/shells/sand and a comfy rubber foot pocket gives way to a higher-density, slightly different color rubber blade with power for days.  Add an ergonomic heel strap and you've got the perfect fin.  One of our top sellers for riders with normal to narrow feet, including ladies and kids! 

  • FEATURE: Sleek and smooth profile for maximum hydrodynamic performance with very little drag
  • ACTIVITIES: Perfect for bodyboarding, body surfing, junior guards, swimming, snorkelling or diving.
  • COMFORT: Made of a soft, natural rubber for increased comfort with a soft heel strap.
  • DESIGN: Great thrust for the ocean or swimming pool. They float too! Toe drainage holes to get sand and shells out of your fin
  • SIZES: For kids to adults and all abilities. Great fit for kids!

Sizing Guidelines: (please consider booties or fin socks into the sizing if you are wearing any). It is best to go up a size as it is easier to make a bigger fin fit and a tight fitting fin can cause cramping or blisters:

  • X-Small: Men 3-4 / Women 4.5-5 / Youth 1-2.5
  • Small: Men 4.5-5.5 / Women 5.5-7 / Youth 3-4
  • Medium-Small: Men 5.5-6.5 / Women 7-8 / Youth 4.5-6
  • Medium: Men 6.5-8 / Women 8-9 / Youth 6.5-8
  • Medium-Large: Men 8-9 / Women 9-11 / Youth 7-9.5
  • Large: Men 9.5-11 / Women 11-12.5 / Youth 9.5-11
  • X-Large: Men 11-12.5 / Women 12.5-14

Tip! If you are in between sizes go up a size. It's easier to make a bigger fin fit then a smaller fin fit. You can add an " Shackle Heel Pad Fin Cinch" (Sold Separately) for a better fit and comfort.We HIGHLY recommend you get a "Tribe Heel Pad Fin Cinch.

Product options
  • Color Black/Lime, Black/Grey/Red, Green/Purple, Navy/White, Blue/Tangerine, Grey / Orange, Torquoise / Grey
  • Size XS, S, M, MS, ML, L, XL
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You need Swimfins!

"Not wearing fins is like paddling a kayak without oars!" - Jay Reale (co-founder)
Swimfins are crucial for bodyboarding as they aid in not only catching waves but also assist in maneuvering while riding the wave.


Fit matters
What swimfin is best is based on you and your feet! Comfort should be priority and you need to factor in your foot shape and if you are wearing flipper slippers or booties...


We highly recommend flipper slippers!
Flipper slippers or booties will help protect against blisters, cuts, and give your feet some all-around comfort, warmth or a better fit. Or maybe your...

INsurance for your fins

Most swimfins float but...
Looking for your swimfins in pounding surf after they get blown off your feet is most likely a losing battle. There are several options...

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