Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji


WEEK ONE:  February 24th-March 2nd, 2024 JUST 2 BURES (BUNGALOWS) REMAINING! 
WEEK TWO:  March 2nd-March 9th, 2024 JUST 1 BURE (BUNGALOWS) REMAINING! 

WEEK ONE: February 20th-March 1st, 2025
WEEK TWO: February 27th-March 8th, 2025
We book the entire island!

Fun waves for kids, newbies and pro's!

Perfect warm waves!

Good times at Kiddie Land

Family Fun!

Enjoy it with new friends!

A true ocean and beach lover's paradise and an awesome family-friendly environment, with bath-warm water, pristine world-class waves of all sizes for all ability levels  That only scratches the surface of what Tavarua Island Resort offers families and bodyboarders (and surfers). 
You will disconnect from reality for a week and enjoy a South Pacific paradise with palm trees swaying in the trade wind breezes, white sand beach, turquoise 85-degree water, world class surf, warm and hospitable staff, incredible all-you-can-eat meals, epic snorkeling, fishing, cultural activities, and...oh yes...waves like you have never experienced.  From the legendary left barrels of Cloudbreak, to the fun walls of Namotu Lefts and Wilke's, the peaky Desperation's, fickle-but-perfect Restaurant's, to the playful waves of Pool's and Tavi Rights, to the kid-friendly Kiddieland, there is something for everyone...or nothing if you'd prefer to just lay in a hammock all day and decompress.  There's also a spa if you want to relax with a massage (extra charge). You'll enjoy Happy Hour at the Kulu Bar on the beach, good times with great people, and memories to last a lifetime. 

Couples Villa $10,973.00
Adult Villa $6,103.00
Couples Bure $8,275.00 (Price is total for two people)
Adult $5,051.00
Child 11-14 $2,099.00
Child 2-10 $1,253.00
$500 deposit per person to secure your spot! 

Pricing includes:
One week (Saturday to Saturday) at Tavarua Island Resort including all airport transfers, wi-fi service, meals, juice, coffee, tea, and water, all boat rides to the surf and fishing, use of equipment including snorkeling gear, SUPs, soft top surfboards, kayaks, gym, skate ramp, pickleball/tennis and basketball courts, pool, ping pong and more.  Hotel taxes.

Price does NOT include:  
Airfare, beverages other than listed above, tips, special excursions, travel insurance (mandatory), excess airline baggage fees. 


*Email Jay and Vicki at:  info@ebodyboarding.com if you're interested. 

We encourage families, but singles are welcome too!  Singles will be paired with other singles in a bure (pronounced "bur RAY").  Singles will share a bure with one other person.  Beach bures have one bathroom, with two queen beds, and one full bed.  Sleeps up to a family of 5.  

Sunrise bures have two bathrooms and bedrooms with queen size beds in each bedroom, plus two twin beds in the front room.  They sleep up to 6 but are EXTREMELY limited availability and you must have 5 people to book these. 

Villas are only available for WEEK ONE.  There are two and they feature a king sized master bedroom, large sitting room and extra bedroom with three single beds. The sitting room sofas can also transform into two comfortable single beds for additional sleeping arrangements. You can comfortably sleep seven. The washrooms feature an open room split design with a full soaking tub and shower as well as outdoor showers.



May 7-8th, 2024

SOLD OUT!  Email us to be on the waitlist.  

Email us at:  info@ebodyboarding.com ASAP if you're interested.  If we have more interest than we do spots within 24 hours, we'll put all the names in a hat and draw for who gets the spots.  Pricing is below. 


We've done it again!  We've booked out WacoSurf's epic wave pool for 7 hours/day on both Tuesday, May 7th and Wednesday, May 8th.  We'll be bringing a group of 18 riders this time, and everyone is guaranteed about 3 hours/day of non-stop freshwater fun.  

This edition of the Texas Tube Tour includes a limited amount of hotel rooms just steps from the wave pool, and all your surf time, along with free use of WacoSurf's cache of surfboards if you want to try a little standup action. Wave descriptions further down this page.   


We have Garden View rooms, and Wave View rooms in limited quantities.  The rooms are available for 3 nights with check-in on Monday, May 6th and check-out Thursday, May 9th.  

Rooms have one king bed, and a loft with a queen bed, along with a fridge.  All room bookings are first-come/first-served.  

You may share your spot with another person!  You just have to take turns surfing (can't be in the water at the same time).  If you are taking this option, you and your partner will split the SINGLE OCCUPANCY PRICE.

Garden View room (3 nights):  $2,600 single occupancy/$2,300 double SOLD OUT!

Wave View room (3 nights):  $2,900 single/$2.600 double  SOLD OUT!

Surf only:   $2,100 SOLD OUT! 

If you have someone in your room with you that is NOT surfing with us, please choose SINGLE OCCUPANCY.  


We recommend arriving in Waco on an early flight on Monday, May 6th.  Flights are cheapest into either Dallas or Austin.  Both cities are about 1 hour/45 minutes drive to Waco.  Fly out should be Thursday, May 9th, keeping in mind driving time to those two cities.   

We will have an "eat-n-greet" at one of Waco's famous barbecue joints at 5:30pm on Monday, May 6th.  
Sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday are 9am-noon, and again from 2pm-6pm. 

We'll run some "Lower's" wave sessions, as well as the "Double Barrel" and "Wedges" with an equal amount of rights and lefts.  

Look at our other Texas Tube Tour trips on our YouTube channel.
Check our blog also!

WacoSurf’s wave pool produces super-fun beachbreak style waves, both rights and lefts, that offer barrels and air sections.

The Lower's setting produces a 3 or 4-wave set that’s about a 5-foot face at the beginning. The wave lasts about 8 or 9 seconds. There is about 45 seconds between sets.  This wave has an easy takeoff that offers a barrel if you want.  You can stall, hit a lip move, or race to the second section and again, there’s a barrel, lip to hit, or just throw a big cutback.  You can just stall and get barreled the entire length of the wave if you want, or you can just go for one big move.  You’ll get about 14-15 waves per hour.  If you can catch a wave and hold an edge, you can ride this setting no problem. 

The other settings produce 1 wave at a time and there’s about a minute between each wave, so each person gets less rides during this session but we break it up into small groups to minimize waiting time.  Our group will be riding the Waco Wedge and the Double Barrel.  Both are "roll in" waves with a mellow takeoff that has a slab barrel section.  The Double Barrel requires some skill to master, but the Wedge is short and sweet. 

Be sure to have a board that is suited to your size to make the best of this wave pool!  

REFUND POLICY: (Full refund available until February 15th only!)
After Feb. 15th, here’s what we’ll refund for (surf time costs only!)-
*Shut down of the park on the day of our sessions for the entire day.
*Vicki and/or Jay can’t make it for some reason.
*We don’t fill enough slots to cover the fees we’ve paid to the resort. 

Here’s what we won’t refund for:
*The cost of the hotel built in to the package
*You got sick, injured, laid off, decided you didn’t want to go, etc. right before the trip or during the trip. 
*You got injured during one of our sessions and can't ride anymore. 
*You missed your flight. 
*You overslept on the day of our session or didn't make it to the park for some reason and missed our session. If you book, and later decide not to come, you are welcome to sell your slot to someone else as long as they are not a jackass!  This is a bodyboarding trip, so we are catering it to bodyboarders, so keep that in mind.

*What else is there to do if I bring my family or during the downtime?
Waco Surf has the Wedge slides, wakeboard cable park and the lazy river.  Waco has the Brazos River running through it, and you can walk along the river trail, rent kayaks, check out the zoo, Lake Waco, the Dr. Pepper museum, and the world famous Magnolia Farms Silos for shopping and food trucks.  We’ll be getting some epic Texas BBQ the night before we surf!  

*What’s the weather like in May in Waco?  
Expect temps in the 70s or 80s and (hopefully) sunny skies.  Water temps fluctuate this time of year based on the weather pattern in the days prior to our arrival but expect water temps around 70-75 degrees, give or take.

*What if we want to surf MORE than just the above sessions?  
You can book public sessions on the Waco Surf website for available times for beginner, intermediate and expert waves, but the sessions go fast, so don’t delay!  It’s a great chance to get on a surfboard, or if you’re bringing your family to get your kids/significant other out on a board riding waves in a controlled environment.

*Is the wave dangerous?
Yes, it’s a predictable wave, but let’s be real...certain wave settings pack a punch and there are barreling waves in shallow water over concrete, so yes, this is some element of danger.  Some riders may choose to wear a wetsuit and/or helmet for extra protection. 

Any other questions?  Call us between noon-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday at:  949-361-0848 or email us at:  info@ebodyboarding.com

You can also text Jay at:  949-275-1629.

Let’s get some barrels and bbq!  

Yee haw!


8 slots remaining! 

KS Wave Co Surf Ranch, Lemoore

surf ranch kelly slater wave pool

This is truly a bucket-list destination!  Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch has been heralded for it's amazing engineering since it's debut in 2015.  The iconic location, deep in California's Central Valley near the town of Lemoore, is one of the longest and most perfect man-made waves ever made, and this is your chance to try to tame the beast!  

Our 2023 inaugural Surf Ranch Roundup will go down as the best one-day surf trip of our lives, and those that were there have memories to last a lifetime.  See the video below:

Wanna come in 2024?  Here's the details:

December 13th, 2024

*Single rider:  $3,500 for 2 hours of riding (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon)
*Share a spot with one other person (1 hour each):  $3,750 total or $1,875 each

There are 8 "heats" of 4 people per heat.  

You are guaranteed 3-4 "priority" waves per hour.  A "priority" wave means you are taking off at one end of the pool and riding it until you either fall, don't make the wave, or reach the other end of the pool.  Typically, this will be 2 rights and 2 lefts.  The wave is 50 seconds long! 

If it is not your turn to be in priority position, you will be put in a position to catch the wave should the rider on the wave not make the wave.  This means you may get more than the 3-4 waves/hour if you're lucky.  

The air can fluctuate depending on the weather pattern.  Average highs would be in the low-to-mid 60s, but can be cooler or warmer.  

Water temps likewise will fluctuate based on the weather leading up to our date.  It could potentially be in the upper 40s, or if we're lucky, the upper 50s.  Surf Ranch has wetsuits, booties and gloves for you to use if you don't have this type of gear at no extra charge.  

While this is meant to be a bodyboarding trip, feel free to bring any alternative craft you might want to try out.  Surf Ranch has a full quiver of surfboards of all types that you can use at no charge.  

Surf Ranch has several cameras positioned throughout the pool capturing different angles of every ride and they will email you a link with all your clips that you can download for personal use.  Additionally, we will have a photographer there and shooting video ourselves to produce our own "Surf Ranch Roundup" video.  

This is a five-star experience.  Think "Four Seasons meets bodyboarding".  It is an all-inclusive day that goes from 7am-7pm. 
Included:  Full breakfast, coffee, etc., snacks, lunch, dinner, awards, appetizers, open full bar all day, full use of Surf Ranch facilities including skateboards, ebikes, hot tub, fire pit, heat lamps, hot showers, etc. 

If you are breaking this down to "how much per wave",  you are looking at it wrong.   It is a full-day luxury experience with like-minded riders, full of cheers and jeers and epic camaraderie.  You will never forget this day! 

Absolutely not, but at least a competent level of riding would be recommended. This means the ability to catch a wave, hold your edge, and trim for speed along the wave will ensure you will have a great time.  We don't recommend this one for beginners, but it's your decision.  

Some of our guests fly in, most drive.  If you don't live in SoCal, you can fly into LAX, Oakland, San Jose, or if you want to get close, Fresno.  Obviously a rental car would be involved to get to the Surf Ranch from there.  

If you're driving from SoCal, I-5 over the Grapevine into the Central Valley, and then a turn off the 5 north of Bakersfield gets you there in 4-5 hours from most locations.  

We stay at the Tachi Palace Resort and Casino, which is only about 2 miles from Surf Ranch and there is a discount code for Surf Ranch guests.  Rooms are decent and there's a small food court there. We go up the night before and stay the night after the Surf Ranch Roundup, leaving early the next day.   There are also cheaper hotels/motels in Lemoore, about 10-12 minutes away.  

Email us at:  info@ebodyboarding.com

We like payment via PayPal or Venmo and have special accounts for this.  We are requiring a 50% deposit for riders to secure the slot.

For single riders, you will pay $1,750. 

For riders sharing a slot with another person, you will pay $1,875.  

The balance will be due September 1st.  You can also back out NO LATER THAN THIS DATE if you want a refund.  If you back out after September 1st, YOU are responsible for filling your slot.  If you can't, you won't get a refund!  Just making sure that's CRYSTAL CLEAR!  

So, here's your chance!  Email us ASAP!  


The perfect trip if you live in SoCal and only have one day!  Palm Springs Surf Club's wave pool opened in late 2023 and we got to sample it.  We had so much fun, we've added it to our wave pool trips.  

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!  



Our friends at 
Bodyboard Holidays have been providing coaching and bodyboarding trips around the world since 2003.  Rob Barber, the founder is a multiple British Champion and is recognized as the most decorated bodyboarder ever to come out of the UK.  He and his team will make traveling to exotic destinations easy and rewarding, and provide not only coaching, but professional video and still photos of your trip!  

Vicki and I have been on a few "BBHol" trips and trust me, traveling with these guys has to be on your bucket list!  If you book, please mention you saw this here on eBodyboarding.com!  


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