Dates:  March 5-12, 2022 (depart USA on March 3rd for March 5th arrival)

2022 Tavi Tube Tour booking info coming soon and it will sell out fast!  Stay tuned! 

A true ocean and beach lover's paradise and an awesome family-friendly environment, with bath-warm water, pristine world-class waves of all sizes for all ability levels  That only scratches the surface of what Tavarua Island Resort offers families and bodyboarders (and surfers). 

You will disconnect from reality for a week and enjoy a South Pacific paradise with palm trees swaying in the trade wind breezes, white sand beach, turquoise 85-degree water, world class surf, warm and hospitable staff, incredible all-you-can-eat meals, epic snorkeling, fishing, cultural activities, and...oh yes...waves like you have never experienced.  From the legendary left barrels of Cloudbreak, to the fun walls of Namotu Lefts and Wilke's, the peaky Desperation's, fickle-but-perfect Restaurant's, to the playful waves of Pool's and Tavi Rights, to the kid-friendly Kiddieland, there is something for everyone...or nothing if you'd prefer to just lay in a hammock all day and decompress.  

You'll enjoy Happy Hour at the Kulu Bar on the beach, good times with great people, and memories to last a lifetime.  

We have very limited spots remaining for 2022.  Here's how it works:


Rate:  Coming soon...
Single Adult Surfer- 
Big Kids (12-14)-  
Little Kids (2-11)- 

Pricing includes:
One week (Saturday to Saturday) at Tavarua Island Resort including all meals, juice, coffee, tea, and water, all boat rides to the surf and fishing, use of equipment including snorkeling gear, SUPs, soft top surfboards, kayaks, gym, skate ramp, tennis and basketball courts, pool, ping pong and more.  Hotel taxes.

Price does NOT include:  
Airfare, airport transfers, beverages other than listed above, other taxes, tips, wi-fi fees, special excursions, travel insurance (mandatory), excess airline baggage fees.  Please factor another 20% on to your bill for taxes/tips at the end of the trip.

We realize this trip isn't cheap, but this will be our 4th Tavi Tube Tour and we keep coming back to recapture the special magic that only those who go know about.  Join us and see for yourself!  

*Email Jay and Vicki at:  info@ebodyboarding.com if you're interested.  We encourage families, but singles are welcome too!  Singles will be paired with other singles in a bure (pronounced like the hat Frenchmen wear, are the small huts we stay in) Most bures sleep 4.  

In March of 2020, 8-time dropknee world champ bodyboarder Dave Hubbard joined us.  Read all about it HERE








Imagine a white sand beach, hot temperatures, crystal blue 85-degree water, and GUARANTEED barrels for everyone...and we mean GUARANTEED!  Oh, and how about world class barbecue, and tipping back a few with the crew post-session without leaving the USA, and just a 2 ½ hour flight or less away (or a couple days drive) from anywhere in the Continental USA?  We’ve got the answer!  

WHAT:  BSR Wave Pool outside of Waco, Texas.  One of the world’s premiere man-made waves.  You’ll session in a group of 9 riders, each taking turns riding super-fun barrels in warm water.  There are ramps, wedges, and even the “freak peak”. 6 ½ hours of riding time over 2 days.  

WHEN:  To be determined.   

We’ll meet everyone for a meal at Rudy’s Barbecue the evening before our first session to brief everyone. 

We’ll be at the park pretty much all day and afterward possibly hit up some more BBQ and drinks.  Morning surf, and afternoon fun at BSR including the slides, lazy river and wakeboard cable lake!  


WHO:  There will be two groups of 9 riders who will alternate 1 hour sessions.  Former pro bodyboarders Jay and Vicki Reale are your guides and will be surfing in one of the groups. 

We’ll have a photographer and videographer to capture the action.  We encourage you to bring your family, but only you can surf during our private sessions.  You can book a public session for someone else traveling with you on the BSR website. 

WHERE:  You will fly into either Austin or Dallas, rent a car and drive to Waco.  The drive is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from either city.  Book a hotel in Waco.  We recommend the La Quinta Inn and Suites.  Free breakfast and a variety of room options and close to Waco's biggest attraction- Magnolia Market at the Silos.  The wave pool is about 25 minutes drive from downtown Waco.

HOW MUCH:  Pricing:  Stay tuned!  Only 16 spots available!
Contact Jay for payment and confirmation at:  jay@ebodyboarding.com ASAP if interested! 

THE DETAILS:  The Barefoot Ski Ranch Surf Resort outside of Waco, Texas (aka BSR) is widely regarded as one of the premier wave pools on the planet! 

Check the blog and videos of our June 2020 and July 2019 trip below. 

BSR 2019 trip

BSR’s wave pool produces super-fun beachbreak style waves, both rights and lefts, that offer barrels, air sections and, in the ON DEMAND mode, everything from an insane wedge to the infamous “Freak Peak”.  


The EXPERT WAVE produces a 3-wave set that’s about a 5-foot face at the beginning. The wave lasts about 8 or 9 seconds. There is about 45 seconds between 3-wave sets.  The first 30 minutes, you’ll go right.  You’ll be in groups of 3, so each rider will get a wave in the set.  Then, the next group of three gets the next set, and so on.  After 30 minutes, you’ll switch to lefts and repeat.  The Expert wave has an easy takeoff that barrels pretty quickly.  You can stall, hit a lip move, or race to the second section and again, there’s a barrel, lip to hit, or just throw a big cutback.  You can just stall and get barreled the entire length of the wave if you want, or you can just go for one big move.  You’ll get about 15-16 waves per hour.  Don't be intimidated by the word "expert" if you're just an average bodyboarder.  If you can catch a wave and hold an edge, you can ride this setting no problem. 

The WAVES ON DEMAND produces 1 wave at a time for most of the options available which include the Waco Wedge (my favorite), the Freak Peak, and the Double Barrel (a very fast wave!)  There’s about 45 seconds between each wave, so each person gets less rides during this session, but it’s an absolute thrill!  We can literally change the wave “ON DEMAND”.  


-Refund policy:

Here’s what we’ll refund for-
*Shut down of the park on the day of our sessions.
*Shut down of air travel due to government orders.
*Travel restriction imposed for travel from Southern California to Texas for some reason.
*The park cancels our session for any reason. 
*Vicki and/or Jay can’t make it for some reason.
*We don’t fill enough slots to cover the fees we’ve paid to the park. 

Here’s what we won’t refund for-
*You got sick, injured, laid off, decided you didn’t want to go, etc. right before the trip or during the trip. 
*You missed your flight. 
*You overslept on the day of our session or didn't make it to the park for some reason and missed our session.

If you book, and later decide not to come, you are welcome to sell your slot to someone else as long as they are not a jackass!  This is a bodyboarding trip, so we are catering it to bodyboarders, so keep that in mind.

*What about Covid-19?

Yes, we all know the virus exists.  Traveling by plane involves wearing a mask from the time you set foot in the airport until the time you drive off in your rental car.  There is risk in life.  It’s your choice how much you want to take.  We traveled to Texas in June with our kids and had a fantastic flight and a great trip!

*What else is there to do if I bring my family or during the downtime?

The park itself has other attractions including a Lazy River, the Royal Flush slides and a cable wakeboarding lake.  Waco has the Brazos River running through it, and you can walk along the river trail, rent kayaks, check out the zoo, Lake Waco, the A&W Root Beer museum, and the world famous Magnolia Farms Silos for shopping and food trucks.  We’ll be hitting Rudy’s Barbecue for some epic Texas BBQ for sure!  

*What’s the weather like in September in Waco?  

Expect temps in the low 90s, and (hopefully) sunny skies.  Water temps are in the 80s!  No wetsuit needed!  

*What if we want to surf MORE than just the above sessions?  

You can book public sessions on the BSR website for available times for beginner, intermediate and expert waves, but the sessions go fast, so don’t delay!  It’s a great chance to get on a surfboard, or if you’re bringing your family to get your kids/significant other out on a board riding waves in a controlled environment.

*Is the wave dangerous?

Yes, it’s a predictable wave, but let’s be real...it packs a punch and there are barreling waves in shallow water over concrete, so yes, it can be dangerous if things go awry.  

Any other questions?  Call us between 10am-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday at:  949-361-0848 or email us at:  info@ebodyboarding.com

You can also text Jay at:  949-275-1629.

Let’s get some barrels and bbq!  

Yee haw!


Like 82-degree water in the middle of winter, and wedgy, uncrowded peaks with an all-bodyboard crew?  Come surf El Salvador with Jay and Vicki and Bodyboard Holidays in January/February 2022!  

Check the video below to see the epic waves we scored in Jan/Feb 2020 with Rob Barber and his expert team of travel professionals!  Check our Travel Blog article for our epic 2020 trip!  We're doing it again in 2022 (2021 has been canceled due to Covid-19).  We'll be hanging for 5 nights with Bodyboard Holidays' all-bodyboarding crew while they get expert instruction from one of the planet's most experienced coaches, former pro bodyboarder and multiple British and European Champ Rob Barber.  Plus, professional photography and videography captures the entire trip for you (additional cost).  

Details HERE

Be sure to mention you saw it here on eBodyboarding.com and please use this link to book! 

El Salvador Trip

2020 trip:

2019 trip:

Join us for epic waves, make new friends, eat great food, enjoy sunset sessions and frosty beverages on the deck in this Central American paradise! 

Our friends at Bodyboard Holidays have been providing coaching and bodyboarding trips around the world since 2003.  Rob Barber, the founder is a multiple British Champion and is recognized as the most decorated bodyboarder ever to come out of the UK.  He and his team will make traveling to exotic destinations easy and rewarding, and provide not only coaching, but professional video and still photos of your trip!  

Vicki and I have been on a "BBHol" trip and trust me, traveling with these guys has to be on your bucket list!  If you book, please mention you saw this here on eBodyboarding.com!  

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