Tribe Boards & JL Designs LTD Patriot Bodyboard

By Tribe

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1.9pcf polypro core
Slick mesh
Single graphite stringer
Surlyn slick
Quad hull channels
Deck contours
Nose piece
Gold stamping
Nose: 12" Tail: 18.25" Width: 22.25" Nose to widepoint: 19" Thickness: 58mm
Nose: 11.5" Tail: 18.125" Width: 22" Nose to widepoint: 18.5" Thickness: 56mm
Nose: 11" Tail: 18" Width: 21.5" Nose to widepoint: 18" Thickness: 54mm

Legendary Shaper, Unreal Performance

This limited edition collab board is sure to turn heads and have you riding at a whole new level. When the crew at Tribe Boards teamed up with master shaper Jimmy "JL Designs" Linville, you know they were cooking up something special. Jimmy is the king of crafting high-performance bodyboards for speed and performance- he's a perfectionist when it comes to the details, making sure every curve and contour is dialed in for max speed and control.

Hand-shaped in Oceanside, CA. The good ol' US of A!

Patriotic Flair, Uncompromising Ride

This limited edition Tribe JL Patriot LTD bodyboard is decked out in a sick red, white, and blue color scheme that's sure to turn heads in the lineup. But this board isn't just a pretty face - Jimmy's precision shaping means you're getting a board that's an absolute weapon on the waves. Whether you're carving hard turns or boosting massive airs, this thing is going to help you ride bigger and better than ever.

Quality You Can Trust

When you're riding the Tribe JL Patriot LTD, you know you're on a board that's been built with the utmost care and attention to detail. Jimmy is a true master of his craft, and you can feel that level of craftsmanship in every inch of this board. It's the perfect blend of style and substance - a board that's going to have you charging harder and looking good doing it.


Bodyboard sizing depends on multiple factors.  We recommend you take our Bodyboard Quiz and read our "How to choose a Bodyboard" page.

Here is a general guideline for sizing:  

Board Length Your Weight Your Height Size that also work:
36” 40-90 lbs. 4’ - 4’10” 34-38” boards
38” 65-100 lbs. 4'8 - 5' 36-39” boards
39" 85-115 lbs. 4'6" - 5'2" 38-40” boards
40" 110-140 lbs. 5'3"- 5'6" 39-41” boards
41" 125-170 lbs. 5'6" - 5'8" 40-41.5” boards
42" 145-180 lbs. 5'7"-6'0" 41.5-42.5” boards
43" 170-210 lbs. 6'1"-6'3" 42.75-43.5 boards
44" 180-250 lbs. 6'2"-6'4" 43.5-44.5 boards
45" 195-270 lbs. 6'3" - 6'6" 44.5-45.5 boards
46" 220 lbs. + 6'4" + 45.5-48” boards
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