Summer is in full swing and you feel the clock ticking on the warm months. That means you want to maximize your water time before school/work/cooler temps mean less beach time. That's where the Catchsurf Beater boards come in!

Originally designed as a way for surfers to "beat" the blackball (a yellow and black flag that is raised at some beaches here in Southern California signifying a restriction on surfboards during the day in summer), the Beater board has become synonymous with innovative wave riding the world over.

Beaters are essentially a bodyboard/surfboard hybrid that can be ridden laying down, kneeling, or standing. They come in an "original" version and a "pro" version, and in 3 fin configurations- finless, single or twin fin (Pro version only available as a twin fin). So, which one should you get? I'll make it simple for you.

Do you mainly want to stand up on the board and ride it like a high-performance surfboard? I'd suggest the Beater Twin Fin. Are you an advanced surfer and want to be able to do kickflips and slide the tail? Go finless. Want something in between that is loose but still has some hold? The Beater Single fin is ideal. And don't fret if you can't decide. We also carry the Catch Surf twin fin kits, which turn a Beater Finless board into a Beater Twin Fin or Beater Single Fin, or the Catch Surf finless conversion kit, which can turn a Beater Twin or Beater Single into a Beater Finless.

Want the best of both worlds? Go with a Beater Pro model, which have easily removable skegs and fin boxes making taking the fins off and putting them back on a breeze.

Which size should you get? Beater boards come in either 48" or 54" long models. Bottom line, if you are an adult, the Beater 54" is the way to go. If you're a smaller person, or a kid, check the Beater 48", or if you plan to bodyboard on it, again, the Beater 48" is a better option.

We have plenty of Beater boards and Beater Pro boards in stock at along with all the accessories. Get your Beater on!