Okay, your'e a 12-year-old grom ready to kickstart your pro bodyboarding career, or maybe you're a middle-aged dad who wants to prove to your kids that dad still knows how to get barreled.  Either way, our selection of Go Pro bodyboard mounts will get you on your way to recording that next epic session.  

The smallest, lightest, lowest profile GoPro bodyboard / softboard mount made. Specifically designed to fit any Bodyboard or Soft Board between 1,3/4” (45mm) & 3” (75mm) in thickness. The single molded Cap and Screw are made from a high mechanical strength polyamide polymer for great durability. This plug fits any GoPro Camera or extension accessory and is easy to install. The plug has a small diameter minimizing damage to your board. 360 Pivot: The unique shape and contours under the MSProPlug cap add rotational resistance minimizing unwanted rotation of the camera yet depending on how tight you screw the plug in you can control rotational resistance; either lock the camera at a certain position or rotate the camera for a new perspective. Just as easily, unattach the camera (and leash) from the mount to shoot off your board and then quickly reconnect it for the next great shot.
*GoSoft Board Camera and Leash Mount Kit:
Released late in 2014, this combines a leash plug and camera clip mount into one product.  The installation requires a single hole. The top piece has a large "spike" that sticks into the deck of the board to prevent the top piece from rotating, and there is a single screw that attaches through the board.  Behind the camera mount clip is a leash attachment that simply involves threading the leash string under a small plastic bar and then tying it off, or looping the leash through the string's loop.  This is a nice option if you only want to make one hole in your board.  
This is a great option for riders that don't want to put any holes in their board or perhaps switch boards frequently.  The basic idea is a scuba-type mouthpiece with a bracket attached to it that holds the camera in front of your chin.  The mouthpiece is nice and soft, but you'd want to be careful not to slam your mouth and mouth mount on the deck of your board while landing that huge backflip or you might end up with a hefty dental bill.  You can also hold the camera in your hand.
Another great option for those not wanting to put a hole in their board that offers the added benefit of protection for your melon and providing an added measure of warmth. Of course, this presumes that you're going to buy, or already own a Gath Helmet.  It's a simple camera clip mount that is installed in your Gath quickly with a small screw (you have to drill a hole in the helmet) and enables you to simply clip the camera to the helmet. 
*Other options:  
Some riders can consider getting some interesting perspectives by putting a bodyboard mount on the rear corner of their board, and then buying the GoPro GOOSENECK which would clip into the mount, and then clip the camera on top of the GOOSENECK to get a higher perspective. 
Another option is the GOPRO CHESTY HARNESS which can be worn with the mount plate spun around onto the back and clipping the camera on for a perspective that shows your head and shoulders in the shot. 
Vicki and I even experimented with this option using the GOOSENECK clipped into the CHESTY HARNESS with decent results.  See the video HERE.  

Whichever way you choose to mount your camera to record your next insane barrel, we've got you covered!