Why the Kid Slider might be the last board you'll need to buy.


Yes, it's an attention-grabbing headline, but it might actually ring true for some of you. Read on!  

What is the Kid Slider?  In marketing speak, it's a must-have, all-purpose fun board.  In real terms, it's a hard plastic 36" long board with handles, cushioned knee pads, and (if you so choose) a Pull Strap that attaches to the front end of the board.  


The board was initially designed and produced by the Herrmann family from Florida.  Vicki and I discovered the boards sort of by accident and decided we needed to get behind this product.  We have taken too many trips to the beach and been forced to drag our kids along the water's edge using their bodyboards which not only scratched the bottom of the board, but tweaked the leash beyond it's intended limits.  The Kid Slider solves that problem and more!  






Not only can you pull your kid/friend/brother/sister, etc. along the shore, but if you remove the Pull Strap, they can run along with the board and hop down onto their knees or stomach and skim by themselves.  Those with a bit more wave knowledge can skim into the shorebreak and launch off the oncoming waves or carve a water-splitting knee turn.  Oh, and did I mention that this thing floats?  So, bodyboarding on it works too, and for bigger riders it's like a gigantic handboard.  And anyone who knows about bodyboards realizes that if you leave them in a hot car or laying in the sun, the damage begins almost immediately, but the Kid Slider?  Not so much!  In the durability department, it has bodyboards beat hands down!  

The fun doesn't end when the summer is over though!  The Kid Slider works insane as a snow sled too!  The same deal applies where you can use the Pull Strap and pull your favorite rider along the snow, or remove the strap and sled downhill a la Clark Griswold.

Don't live near a beach or mountains?  Take it out on the lake, or float down a stream on it.  Riverboarding might be interesting on the Kid Slider too, and if none of this is available to you, just wait for it to rain and find the nearest puddle and drag each other around.  

So, my claim of it being the last board you'll need to buy doesn't seem THAT farfetched, does it?   

Skim, pull, bodyboard, sled and more.  The Kid Slider does it all, and for a super low price!

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