Nothing beats traveling with lifelong friends and sharing tropical waves.  The Annual Cabo Bodyboard Reunion Trip is the brainchild of former pro bodyboarder and professional off-road racer Cameron Steele.  Cameron, known for his family's history in the sport of off-road racing including multiple wins in that sport's "Super Bowl", the Baja 1000 and 500, grew up as a bodyboarder in San Clemente, California through the 80s and 90s. 

Cameron shared both a love affair with Baja and Los Cabos, Mexico specifically, and getting together with old friends from his pro bodyboarding days.  In 2016, he coaxed about a dozen veteran boogers from Hawaii and California to join him for a quick late-summer getaway, and the rest is history. 

Despite our best efforts to keep this gathering an intimate one, this year's trip, the 4th in a row, has now grown in size to nearly 3 dozen people, many of which are the families of old school riders. The riders themselves are a conglomeration of ex-pros, amateurs, and local Los Cabos riders.  While the crowd may have grown, so has the stoke level.  Nearly all the riders are north of 40 years old, and some in their 60s, and many now have their own bodyboarding kids, some of whom joined us for this year's outing. 

The crew all stay at the same hotel and make a short trek up the beach every morning before dawn to partake in one of the local breaks, which will remain nameless out of respect to the locals, many of whom join us for some morning barrels each year.  Former pros Tony Prince and Joe Evans spend the morning capturing all the action for no other reason than to stoke out the crew and upload the pics later the same day. 

 Tony and Joe! 

After the morning session, everyone does their own thing, or gets together and visits other beaches or attractions around the Los Cabos area, and reconvenes at night for dinner to share the stoke of the day over a few margaritas and brews, and some tacos. 

For me personally, reconnecting with my old pro bodyboarding friends from yesteryear is a chance to recount old stories and share laughs about the days when we all competed against each other for a living. We all share a love of riding waves and share a history in the sport and making new memories keeps us all longing for the next year's gathering.  As they say, "There may be snow on the roof, but there's still fire in the belly!"  

All photos:  Tony Prince

Our fearless leader Cameron Steele

Jason and Wylder Groves

Some of our crew for the daily dawn patrol

The inimitable Manny V

Diego Land

Los Cabos local Grischa Alcaraz

San Clemente stalwart Tom Prince

Wylder Groves

Micah Land

East Coast veteran Bob Hovey

Jason "Frog" Groves

Lifelong friends:  Keith Sasaki, Mike Libudziewski, Bob Hovey, Jason Groves, Cameron Steele.

OG Pro Scott Evans

San Clemente's Gianna Simonelli

Randy Wagen


Rochelle Parry with local bodyboarder and lifeguard Gregorio Evangelista manning the GoPro

Bodyboarding icon Keith Sasaki