Mike Stewart Science SSS LTD Bodyboard


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Mike Stewart Science SSS LTD Bodyboard

The Shred Sled Series (SSS) was developed to enhance the experience for the smaller rider. Versatile shapes are now featureed with modern materials and technology that allow the younger generation to explore or master the basic skills of bodyboarding. A new generation is coming and we can not wait to see where they will go our guide us all! SSS LTD comes with all the high end materials to take you to a heightened level of performance. Lighter and Durable Density Polypropylene Core mixed in with Quad Vent Channels will have you flying down the line or in the air no time!

Sizes:  36", 38"
Core: 1.3 Polypro Core (PP)
Slick: HDPE
Tail: Crescent 55/45 Rails
* Channels: Quad Channels
Stringer: Single
* Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck
Nose Bulbs: Yes
Contours: Launch Deck Contour
Leash: (Purchase separately)


Length: 36"
Width: 19.15"
Nose To Wide Point: 17"
Nose: 11"
Tail: 16.75"
Thickness: 48mm
Length: 38"
Width: 20.25"
Nose To Wide Point: 18"
Nose: 11.5"
Tail: 17.75"
Thickness:49 mm




Bodyboard sizing depends on multiple factors.  We recommend you take our Bodyboard Quiz and read our "How to choose a Bodyboard" page.

Here is a general guideline for sizing:  

Board Length Your Weight Your Height Size that also work:
36” 40-90 lbs. 4’ - 4’10” 34-38” boards
38” 65-100 lbs. 4'8 - 5' 36-39” boards
39" 85-115 lbs. 4'6" - 5'2" 38-40” boards
40" 110-140 lbs. 5'3"- 5'6" 39-41” boards
41" 125-170 lbs. 5'6" - 5'8" 40-41.5” boards
42" 145-180 lbs. 5'7"-6'0" 41.5-42.5” boards
43" 170-210 lbs. 6'1"-6'3" 42.75-43.5 boards
44" 180-250 lbs. 6'2"-6'4" 43.5-44.5 boards
45" 195-270 lbs. 6'3" - 6'6" 44.5-45.5 boards
46" 220 lbs. + 6'4" + 45.5-48” boards
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