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Safe Sea Sensitive Skin Jelly FIsh and Sea Lice Protection Lotion with SPF50

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Safe Sea Sensitive Skin Jelly FIsh and Sea Lice Protection Lotion with SPF50
Our Safe Sea® sting protection with integrated SPF 50+ sun block in a special formula that's perfect for children and adults with sensitive skin. Protect the whole family against jellyfish, sea lice, stinging corals and more with this anti jellyfish sunscreen. Maximum UVA and UVB sun protection also!  The new SPF50+ will have an improved UVB and UVA protection (Measured SPF79.5) and better water resistant results. The new line will be focused on Marine Friendly, all products will not contain Oxibenzone & Octinoxate.  The new formulas does not release compound to water. This makes it the first product to be certified as "Friend Of The Sea"

Safe Sea contains unique and patented ingredients that protect against jellyfish stings in several ways:
  • Chemical stoppers reduce pressure in the stinging cells, preventing the jellyfish from firing its stings.
  • Safe Sea lotion works by inactivating the stinging cells in several biochemical sites. It reduces tentacle skin attachments, mimics jellyfish self-recognition, blocks stinging cells activation, and interferes with the cellular signal, reducing the internal osmotic pressure in the nematocyst capsule.
  • In less scientific words:
    • - The Safe Sea lotion’s slippery texture makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to get a grip.
    • - Chemicals (stoppers) in the lotion block up the sites where the stinging process is activated.
    • - Other inhibitors (stoppers) block the chemical pathway.
    • - The chemical stoppers reduce pressure in the stinging cells, preventing the jellyfish from firing its stings.
PABA-free, non-comedogenic, biodegradable and Marine Safe!
  • Dermatologically tested and designed for use on adults or children over 6 months of age.
  • Waterproof formula retains SPF after 80 minutes of water activity or perspiring.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Contains vitamins E, B.
  • 4 fl oz bottle
The worlds only sunscreen that protects your skin against jellyfish stings, keeping ocean lovers in the water and out of agony.


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Safe Sea Sensitive Skin Jelly FIsh and Sea Lice Protection Lotion with SPF50
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