Barrels and BBQ!

May 7-8th, 2024:
SOLD OUT! Email us to be on the waitlist.

September 15-18th, 2024:
Email us at: info@ebodyboarding.com

We've booked out WacoSurf's epic wave pool for 7 hours/day on both Monday, September 16th and Tuesday, September 17th. We'll be bringing a group of 18 riders and everyone is guaranteed 3 hours/day of non-stop freshwater fun!

  • Lots of waves!
  • Accommodation steps from the wave pool. (We have a limited amount of hotel rooms)
  • Texas Tube Tour shirt
  • Entry into Waco Surf pool for 2 days
  • Free use of Waco Surf's cache of surfboards if you want to try a little standup action.
  • Garden View room (3 nights):
    -$2,600 single occupancy
    -$2,300 double occupancy
  • Wave View room (3 nights):
    -$2,900 single occupancy
    -$2,600 double occupancy
  • Surf only:
  • All room bookings are first-come/first-served.
  • We have Garden View rooms and Wave View rooms in limited quantities. 
  • The rooms are available for 3 nights with check-in on Sunday, September 15th and check-out Wednesday, September 18th.
  • Rooms have one king bed, and a loft with a queen bed, along with a fridge. 
  • We recommend arriving in Waco on an early flight on Sunday, September 15th.
  • Flights are cheapest into either Dallas or Austin. 
  • Both cities are about 1 hour/45 minutes drive to Waco. 
  • Fly out should be Wednesday, September 18th, keeping in mind driving time to those two cities.
  • We will have an "eat-n-greet" at one of Waco's famous barbecue joints at 5:30pm on Sunday, September 15th. 
  • Surf sessions are on Monday and Tuesday 8am-noon, and again from 2pm-5pm.
  • Waco Surf’s wave pool produces super-fun beach break-style waves, both rights and lefts, that offer barrels and air sections.
  • You’ll get about 14-15 waves per hour. If you can catch a wave and hold an edge, you can ride this setting no problem. 
  • The Lower's setting produces a 3 or 4-wave set that’s about a 5-foot face at the beginning. 
  • The wave lasts about 8 or 9 seconds. There is about 45 seconds between sets. 
  • This wave has an easy takeoff that offers a barrel if you want. You can stall, hit a lip move, or race to the second section and again, there’s a barrel, lip to hit, or just throw a big cutback. 
  • You can just stall and get barreled the entire length of the wave if you want, or you can just go for one big move. 
  • The other settings (Wedge, and Double Barrel) produce 1 wave at a time and there’s about a minute between each wave, so each person gets less rides during this session but we break it up into small groups to minimize waiting time.
  • Our group will be riding the Waco Wedge and the Double Barrel. Both are "roll in" waves with a mellow takeoff that has a slab barrel section. 
  • The Double Barrel requires some skill to master, but the Wedge is short and sweet.
  • We'll run some "Lower's" wave sessions, as well as the "Double Barrel" and "Wedges" with an equal amount of rights and lefts.
  • Normal surf gear: board, fins, leash, fin socks, etc
  • Leash is required!
  • Be sure to have a board that is suited to your size to make the best of this wave pool!
  • You aren't guaranteed to not hit the bottom but if you are concerned and want more protection then bring a wetsuit and helmet.
  • Full refund available until June 30th
  • After June 30th we’ll refund for surf time costs only IF:
  • Shut down of the park on the day of our sessions for the entire day.
  • We don’t fill enough slots to cover the fees we’ve paid to the resort.

    If you back out after June 30th, YOU are responsible for selling your spot.  We will keep a waiting list and can reach out on your behalf if needed but you will only be refunded if the spot is filled.  
Here’s what we won’t refund for:
  • The cost of the hotel built in to the package if the pool closes.
  • You got sick, injured, laid off, decided you didn’t want to go, etc. right before the trip or during the trip.
  • You got injured during one of our sessions and can't ride anymore.
  • You missed your flight.
  • You overslept on the day of our session or didn't make it to the park for some reason and missed our session. 
  • If you book, and later decide not to come, you are welcome to sell your slot to someone else as long as they are not a jackass! 
  • This is a bodyboarding trip, so we are catering it to bodyboarders, so keep that in mind.
What else is there to do if I bring my family or during the downtime?
  • Waco has the Brazos River running through it, and you can walk along the river trail, rent kayaks, check out the zoo, Lake Waco, the Dr. Pepper museum, and the world famous Magnolia Farms Silos for shopping and food trucks. 
  • We’ll be getting some epic Texas BBQ the night before we surf!
What’s the weather like in September in Waco?
  • Sunny and hot!
  • Expect temps in the 80s+ and (hopefully) sunny skies. 
  • Water temps fluctuate this time of year based on the weather pattern in the days prior to our arrival but expect water temps around 75-80 degrees, give or take.
What if we want to surf MORE than just the above sessions?
  • You can book public sessions on the Waco Surf website for available times for beginner, intermediate and advanced, and pro waves, but the sessions go fast, so don’t delay! 
  • It’s a great chance to get on a surfboard, or if you’re bringing your family to get your kids/significant other out on a board riding waves in a controlled environment.
Is the wave dangerous?
  • Yes, it’s a predictable wave, but let’s be real...certain wave settings pack a punch and there are barreling waves in shallow water over concrete, so yes, this is some element of danger. 
  • Some riders may choose to wear a wetsuit and/or helmet for extra protection.
Any other questions?
  • Call us between noon-4:45pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday at: 949-361-0848 or email us at: info@ebodyboarding.com
  • You can also text Jay at: 949-275-1629.
Let’s get some barrels and bbq! Yee Haw!

Never caught so many waves in my life!

Have limited time? Want to make sure you don't get skunked on a surf trip?
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